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Learn how I went from relying on one income in a stressful 9 to 5 job to making multiple streams of income in a 6-figure side hustle that replaced my job

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One of the common problems most professionals face is that they’re stressed working long hours and have far too little time to make extra money in a reliable way.

Well you know how it is, 

You spend the little time that you have watching YouTube videos or reading blogs, but without an exact plan for how to implement the ideas you come across

You might even have joined one of those promises of get rich quick such as “learning how to trade online or even an MLM scheme

You may even be playing the lottery, and hoping that someday, you might just hit it big!

You might have gone to countless free webinars, seminars and workshops that do not go deep enough for you to understand, gain confidence and implement the ideas.

On a typical day, you’ve got home already feeling tired and defeated, but you know at the back of your mind that you need to make that extra money and give yourself some options. 

So you hop on YouTube and start binge watching all of these money making videos, knowing deep down that it is really not going to work for you because you’ve been here before!

You see, the problem with that is, you’re focusing your precious little time on just ideas rather than seeking out those who have actually done what you’re trying to do in order to learn from them directly and implement what actually works!

Transform your life with just one to two hours

per day

My story

When I was in my Corporate 9 – 5 job, one of the biggest things that I struggled with when it came to making multiple streams of income was to focus my efforts on 1 or 2 ideas that actually worked and made money consistently.

The lack of knowledge on what to do, the lack of skills to actually do it, and the lack of focus given so many people were sharing so many ideas, and the struggle with how to actually create that profitable side hustle; that was the hardest thing ever as it kept me stuck month after month with time wasted and no results!

Imagine if you could increase your monthly income by at least £1,000, diversify your salary with Passive Income, and give yourself options and a sense of security?

Isn’t it amazing that you can massively reduce your money stress and accelerate your journey towards Financial Independence?”

I want to share with you 3 things that helped me move away from depending on my 9 – 5 to creating a side hustle that has helped me make enough passive income in order to completely quit and replace my 9 – 5 job.

These 3 things made all the difference for me. 

The first thing was that I completely assessed my existing skills and because of that I knew what skills I could convert into a side hustle and where the gaps were in my knowledge and ability.

The second thing was that I sought out and took some coaching from those doing what I wanted to do and because of that, I was able to learn from them what works and what not to waste my time on.

The third thing was that I focused on one side hustle idea only and because of that I applied my energy, time and resources to that one thing and made it a success.

If you click the link below, I want to share with you something that helped me to replace my 6-figure 9-5 job, and led to me working less and earning more.

I present to you One Grand Plu$.

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When you learn how to implement this passive income strategy, you’ll be able to create a profitable side hustle that will make you at least £1,000 per month


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Bonus #1 is access to our Private Facebook Pop-up Community where you get to ask me questions directly about implementing this idea for 2 weeks.

Bonus #2 is One Grand Plus Action Playbook, which will help you write down the immediate next steps that you need to take to implement this idea for yourself.

Bonus #3 is our One-Pager Toolkit, which gives you at a glance and immediate picture of all the tools that we use to run our 6-figure business.

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let the passive income adventure


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Ken and Mary Okoroafor are the founders of the award-winning personal finance blog and YouTube channel, The Humble Penny. They started the blog as a creative outlet and to help others achieve financial independence and money joy in their lives having achieved financial independence themselves aged 34. Their current mission is to help 10,000 families achieve financial independence this decade.

Their work has been featured on the BBC, The Sunday Times, Channel 5, iNews, MailOnline, The Guardian, Closer Magazine and much more.

In their spare time, they enjoy walking, travelling and outdoor activities with their two sons. They have fortunately explored over 50 global destinations and counting.

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